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Corporate and Commercial Clients

Here's What Our Fans Have to Say!

Corporate and Commercial Clients




"Are you kidding me!!! You guys "made" the after party [ at the Roaring Fork Club]! I'm glad you had fun. We have this tournament for one more year, as soon as we know a date I will let you know. I will definitely refer you guys to anyone I know. Thank you for joining us this year"!
— Linda Reynolds

"THANK YOU!!! Our guests are still raving about what a fabulous party it was... largely in part to you guys!!
You guys make me want to get married again, just so you can play my wedding again"!.

— Kendra Fleming

"Y'all did a great show. So much fun, Alex had one of her favorite days ever, thanks to you".
— John B. JBS Real Estate Company

"You guys were AWESOME. Hope you play Taste of Basalt :)"
— Sheryl B.

"Just wanted to let you know I was at the park last night for the first hour of your gig and dang, you guys are fun"!
— Gina S.

"Matt, you are such a great entertainer, very hard to do to but you make it look easy. You are a natural at it".
— David H.


"If you think YOU had a great time - think about what a great time you provided for everyone! I don't recall a better party "!

— Madeline, MARBLE/Marble

"People raved about the band and were amazed and impressed. They were commenting the rest of the night on how great the music was".
— Thanks, Andy


"You guys rocked and everyone commented on how good you were. The Board of Directors were quite impressed with the talent. Many thanks to all of you".
— Stacey Rinker, Aspen Board of Realtors


"Thanks to you for rounding out our wrap-up parties in such a grand way. Our smallest group - session 1 was by and far the very best party we've had (at least this summer!!!!) - but all of them were great, thanks to you"!
— Madeline, MARBLE/Marble,


"Thank you for everything! I can’t tell you how great it was to have you guys play Saturday. The music really made the party"!
— Gina S.


"You guys are amazing. Thank you for being you. Your presence in the band is awesome as is your voice. Listening to you as I walked through the fire station and around was enriching. You have a lot of range and versatility and it's always a pleasure listening to you and seeing you".
— Kim W.


"David [Belly Up, Aspen], Matt and his band are great we would have them as often as it works out".

---Timothy Baldwin

Director of Food and Beverage

The Little Nell Hotel, Aspen